Fear about the Future

Hey Guys,

today I wanted to write about a more serious topic that has been going through my mind quite a lot recently; fear about the future.

When I was in nursery I was worried about primary school and when I was in primary school I was worried about secondary school. Now I’m about to finish school and I’m worried about what comes after this. Taking a wild guess; I’m gonna say it doesn’t end there; fear is something that accompanies all of us throughout out lives.

In addition to that I don’t get along with my mom very well and she often likes to tell me that I have no talents and will never amount to anything in life. Usually I just blend that right out, ‚cause who need that type of negative talk in their life?? But every now and then, usually during stressful moments (studying for exams and such) and I can’t help but think „what if she is right? What if this is all for nothing and I will end up working in an office with a job I hate?“

I think all I can do at that point is work hard and hope that I can reap rewards from my work and not have to live a life I hate..

This post was quite short, but I just wanted to share my feeling on the matter with you!

Thank you for bearing with me!



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