Travel Bucket List

Everyone has a bucket list, some are longer, some are shorter, but here is mine, all travel-themed.

*visit every continent
*witness sunrise and sunset on every continent (possibly excluding antarctica)
*spend an extended amount of time in NYC (more than two months)
*spend at least a week without technology in a foreign country #nofilter
*shower in a waterfall
*hold a tarantula (i have an jntense fear of spiders)
*see the hollywood sign
*touch the eiffel tower
*have a roadtrip with late night campfirs and good friends
*say hi to a tortoise
*all-nighter in VEGASSSSS
*take a totally random last minute flight
*go camping and see the stars
*eat food that…is unusual for me (snails, bugs, scorpions) face your fears!
*dance in the rain
*go skydiving above the palm in dubai
*go to coachella
*horse ride on the beach
*see the nothern lights
*swim with sharks
*walk along the great wall of china
Woah, this list turned out longer than I intended, but as soon as I started writing more and more things came to my mind. it’s actually quite nice to have them written down.
What are some of the things on your bucket list? Let me kniw, I love reading about other peoples dreams and being inspired by them!
I hope you enjoyed reading.

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