7 Trips a Week I Day 5 – UAE Part 2


today I will be talking about the second part of my UAE Trips. Click here to read part one. Sorry again for the lack of pictures and late posting time.


The second time I went to the UAE was in February 2015, so my most recent trip. This time I went to Ras al Kaimah and Abu Dhabi. Both were absolutely stunning again, but very different. I will do a longer comparison further down.

What I did all Day

In Ras al Kaimah all I did all day was chill on the beach except during one outing to a nearby shopping mall. The reason being that it is a lot less developed than Dubai or Abu Dhabi. One day my dad and I tried to find a Souk- a traditional bazar type market, but we just couldn’t find anything due to the absolute lack of street signs. However, we did borrow a jet ski for 15 minutes and I had a blast. It was honestly so much fun, although a little scary. Thankfully my dad did the steering, since he has a motorcycle, so it wasnt that hard for him. When I tried I fell off right away talk about elegance 😛 .

In Abu Dhabi, we went to the same hotel as last time, which was grander than I remembered. The beach had been expanded and more pools were added. WE were only in abu Dhabi for two and a half days, in which we fully used the beach as much as we could. One day we went and visited „Yas Waterworld“, an insanely fun water park with all sorts of slides. On the last day we went shopping, which, of course, I loved as there are many stores in Abu Dhabi that I don’t have access to in Germany like CottonOn, Forever 21 or Bath and Body Works. After that the vacation was already over and we had to head to the airport. Unfortunately our flight was scheduled for 1 am, so I spent beautiful 3 hours trying to sleep on the hard ground of the airport.

Yas Water World

Yas Water World was probably one of the funnest experiences of the past few years for me. When I say there were ALL types of slides, I mean all. The best and arguably also the scariest was the looping slide, where you stand on a trap door which opens after a countdown and you practically get flushed down the tube which send you up a looping and out into the world again. All of that only takes about 5 seconds so it can be hard to realize what just happened which is also why I did it 10 times. I regret nothing. Apart from that there were 5 identical slides that were used as race tracks, complete with laser beams to measure exact times.

Overall Rating


It. was. amazing.

Warnings and Advice

Same advice applies as yesterday.

Also you need to be aware, if you do decide to go to Ras al Kaimah what to expect. It will not be comparable to Dubai at all. But if you want a relaxed beach vacation it is PERFECT.

Stay tuned for my review of my trip to Rome tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed today and let me know about your experiences in the comments!



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