7 Trips a Week I Day 4 – UAE Part 1


today my post is a little late, but I had a lot to do in school. Anyways today I will be talking about my trip to the UAE. I went twice, so today I will be talking about my first trip and tomorrow I will talk about my second one and maybe talk compare it a bit. Now, as per usual I have no pictures for either. However, on the weekend, when I have some time to look for pictures I will make an entire post simply dedicated to pictures. 🙂


In my first year I visited Abu Dhabi, one of the Emirates, and we drove down to Dubai for one day. I went with my mom and my dad for 5 days if I recall correctly. We went in February, so the weather was perfect, average temperature around 23 degrees celsius. Abu Dhabi is absolutely beautiful. Everything is very clean and nice. I only saw the tourist-y places, but I loved it. Of course the marvelous effect is strengthened by the great weather, but skyscrapers and shiny buildings are a fantastic sight by themselves. Since the UAE was basically built on a desert, there is a lot of beach available, and every hotel has a private beach. We stayed in the Hilton hotel, which was quite nice. Right next to us was the Emirates Palace, which is a super luxury hotel. We walked over to look at it once. They literally have a vending machine that sells gold!

What I did all Day

For a change I would say we did equal parts sightseeing and just relaxing on the beach. Pretty close to our hotel was a shopping mall, which was really nice, as the shopping malls are a totally different league than here in Germany, with even the small ones exceeding the size of large ones here. We also did s jeep safari in the desert which was one of the funnest things I have ever done.

Jeep Safari

With another family we set of together with a group of other tourists, we set off and droves over sand dunes and even jumped over little hills. However we did encounter some difficulties when our diver hit a tree and our jeep almost broke down. Luckily we were close to the camp where we spent the rest of the day and evening. We had barbeque dinner and I even got to ride a camel. All in all it was an amazing experience and I would definitely recommend.


Dubai is an amazing city and I collected impressions that I hope will last a lifetime. First we drove onto the Palm Jumeirah, the well-known Island shaped like a Palm which was nice but not quite impressive yet. We spent the whole day in the city center and in Dubai Mall, the biggest shopping center in the world, it has over 2000 shops. The Dubai MAll is right next to the Burj Kailfa, the worlds tallest building, (Dubai likes setting records 😛 ) After it got dark we watched the dancing fountains, a type of show with lights and music and an intricate choreography of water fountains that went up too 100 meter in the air ( I will do my best to find a video). As if that wasnt amazing enough, we actually had tickets to go up onto the Burj Kalifa. Of course not all the way up top, but to the viewing platform, from which I had an amazing view all over the city, illuminated by lights. It seems that there is nothing that Dubai doesn’t have and it is one of the most amazing cities I have ever been to.

Overall Rating


Yes six stars out of five. It was THAT amazing.

Warnings and Advice

The UAE is muslim, so you need to cover up in public. While it is okay to wear a bikini at the beach, you are expected to cover your knees and shoulders in public, I saw many people, especially women not follow that rule and getting awa

I hope you enjoyed this review even though it is so late. Part two is coming out tomorrow, probably around the same time again. Stay tuned!



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