7 Trips a Week I Day 3- Egypt, Africa


for my third day of my one week trip reviews I’ll be doing a review of my February 2014 trip to Egypt. Here are Trip 1 and 2. So, just like when I went to Tunisia, a civil War was going on in Egypt while I was there. In addition to that, we were only 3 hours away from Sudan, which isn’t that safe, so, again, we couldn’t leave the hotel grounds. But I wills till do my best and write a useful review about my trip. Also, I apologize for the lack of pictures once again. I promise, tomorrow I will make it all up and post extra many pictures. 🙂


Egypt is in the North-East of Africa, and is quite famous for its pyramids and the river Nile. Most, or actually all of the land around my hotel was desert, but the hotel grounds were lush with hand crafted gardens.

What I did all Day

My answer to this has become quite repetitive, but as you may have already guessed, I spent most of my time at the beach. 😉 I have rarely experienced sand so soft and an ocean so blue. i honestly wish I had pictures to show and if I find some I will dedicate an entire blog post to them. Everywhere I looked, it was like a postcard, such magnificent beauty. The rare days I didn’t spend at the beach I was at the pool, which was thankfully heated as the ocean way quite chilly. One time I also went for a manicure at the Spa, which turned out to be a single room and not quite as glamorous as I had imagined. Also, the hotels gift shop sold Brands for half the regular price (may or may not have been fake), so I used that opportunity to stock up on some converse shoes. 😛 Of course, I needed something to spice up the time at the beach so I took a diving lesson. I will talk about that in more detail further next.


i had never gone scuba diving before, snorkeling was as far sa my experience went, but that one lesson taught me that maybe Diving isn’t my cup of tea anyway. First of all, carrying the equipment to the ocean is difficult, especially the oxygen tank. I never knew air could be so heavy. Then, of course, the concept of breathing underwater is super weird and it feels wrong. Also, in February the water is absolutely freezing and the wet suit that I was given wasnt helping much. However, I got to see some amazing fish and corals, and although I don’t think I would do it again, it was an amazing experience and really worth freezing to death for.

Overall Rating


The weather was nice nad warm, but the Wind sometimes ruined it and turned a warm day into a chilly one. Also, although the hotel and beach were breathtaking, I did get a bit bored from time to time. I would still reccomend this trip to anyone who just needs a time out and away from stress and work.

Warnings and Advice

Inform yourself about where you are staying, many cases of tourists being kidnapped in the desert have been recorded, you don’t want to be the next.

Also, go by the cook it, peel it or leave it rule. bAsically this means that if you can’t peel or cook something, like salad for example, try and avoid it, same goes for ice cubes, s the tap water is of a different quality and often contains chlorine, so it can caused bad stomach aches.

Hope you enjoyed my Third review and please let me know what I can improve in the comments!

Stay tuned for my two-part Review of my trips to the UAE tomorrow and the day after tomorrow!



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