7 Trips a Week I Day 2- Tunisia, Africa


for the second day of my 7 Trips a Week series (what is that?), I will be telling you about my trip to Tunisia in Summer 2011. Unfortunately, I was there during the Arab Spring, so we couldn’t leave our hotel, as it would have been too dangerous. I’ll do my best to tell you about my experiences anyway.

Also, i would like to apologize in advance for the complete and utter lack of pictures, but sadly I couldn’t find any. 😩


Tunisia is a small country in the north of Africa. I went there with my mom and my dad in the Summer of 2011. Tunisia is a muslim country and it was Ramadan when we were there, so all the people working at the hotel were not allowed to eat or drink anything between sunrise and sunset, which, at an average temperature of 35 degrees celsius, can get pretty harsh.

What we did all Day

The beach was absolutely  heavenly and the resort we were staying at had a nautic station, so I was able to take some windsurfing lessons and actually get my surfing license (which has since expired). The Ocean was also lovely and warm, almost like a bathtub, so I spent most of my time there or at the beautiful pool landscape. Or, of course, at the pool bar, drinking cocktails (no alcohol of course) and eating snacks all day long.


Since I didn’t do all too much, I decided to talk about my surfing lessons in a bit more detail.

My lessons were about 2 hours long and I think I took 5 before taking the test for my surfing license. The test was so easy it was almost a joke. We were allowed to talk and discuss answers while taking it.

Now to the actual lessons. During the first one, we didn’t even get wet, we just practised some proper terminology and body posture on the beach, and we also learned to put together the surfboard and the sail. The second day we first practised some basic skills in the shallow area of the sea, before we were given some time to surf around by ourselves. However, that day the wind was blowing away from the land and out onto the sea. As we were just beginners, we of course had no idea that we had to surf in a zig-zag line in order to get back to the beach. As Murphy’s Law will have it, I blew the farthest out, around 1.5 KM, which was properly terrifying. Luckily we were then towed back to the shore with a motorboat which was quite fun actually, as we were all sitting on our surfboards, attached to each other, speeding through the ocean. The next few days then passed without any major happenings, and my skills slowly got better, but to the present day, I havent used them a single time again. What a shame!

Overall Rating


So much fun!

Warnings and Advice

Make sure to be aware of the situation when you are going to avoid being in any tricky situations and possibly getting in trouble. This applies to basically every country, Other than that I have no other advice other than to be prepared for intense sun and pack accordingly.

Hope you enjoyed and please leave me your trip experiences in the comments!

Stay tuned for my Review of my Trip to Egypt tomorrow!



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