7 Trips a Week I Day 1- Sant Feliu & Barcelona, Spain


This will be the first of my 7 Trips a Week series. ( Explanation of what that is here). I’m going to start with one of my more recent trips, and also one of the less „exotic“ ones: my summer vacation in Sant Feliu, a small town near Barcelona in Spain. It took place in July 2014 and I went with one of my best friends.


It was really fun, especially as we had gone there the year before too, so we already knew the common places and could go on trips to neighboring towns and see more of the Spanish way of life. One day we took a trip to Barcelona with a larger group of friends.

What I did all Day

Unfortunately, the weather wasnt too nice, it was actually quite cold and I was sick for 2 days, but on the few sunny days, we spent all day at the beach, which was quite sandy, but still lovely. Who doesn’t love the beach? 😀 On other days, we took some trips to the neighboring town Playa de Aro, which was slighty more touristy and had lots of shops and some stands that sold fake Ray Ban sunglasses for 2 Euros (I may or may not have gone overboard and purchased 3 pairs which I didn’t need and lost one of them the very next day). The beach was also considerably nicer and less stony, with sand that was so soft, I honestly thought I was in heaven.


On the days we stayed in Sant Feliu, we always, without miss, visited the „YogurterĂ­a“, basically a frozen yogurt shop, but unlike any other I have ever been to. Not only was it super affordable, but also insanely delicious. Dont believe me? See for yourself:


Pretty good. huh?


But, like I said earlier, one day we took a trip to Barcelona. We looked at a few sites, like The Sagrada Familia, which didn’t hold up to expectations in my opinion and, while impressive, wasnt nearly as cool as the five hours we had to spend to our liking on and around the Ramblas. The Ramblas are amazing; a collection of people, young and old, but mostly tourists. Nonetheless an amazing place and in my opinion a must-see. There are a variety of small stands selling postcards and little souvenirs and also a large market selling food and also amazing fruit cups and smoothies: Mhhhhhh! Further down the Ramblas are also regular shops like Pull&Bear, Pimkie or Stradivarius. Added Bonus: beautiful beach in walking distance, or so I was told, as I didn’t actually get to see it. „Why?“ you ask? Ben&Jerry’s, that’s why.


Overall Rating of my Trip


due to partially cold and wet weather. Other than that, would definitely recommend.

Warnings and Advice

Not much to say here, but definitely watch out for pick-pockets. Especially on the Ramblas, with all those tourists, the amount of pick-pockets is CRAZY. Also never talk to or even bet with the people offering betting games on the side of the road. You cannot win. I repeat you cannot win. even if other people are playing and it seems like they are winning, most of the times those are friends or helpers of them. You will be wasting your money and risking being robbed while you stand and watch.

If you simply use some common sense and take good care of you bag (ideally not a rucksack, a bag that you can carry in front of you and close is better), you should be fine!

Hope you enjoyed my review of that trip and leave me your experiences in the comments, I would love to hear if they were similar to mine, or maybe you saw Barcelona totally differently either way, I would love to read about it.

Stay tuned for my Tunisia Trip review tomorrow!



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